Eden Reforestation Projects

Climate Wise supports the Eden Reforestation Project as a Seedling Level Partner. Their relationships with local communities are the centre of their projects, working alongside them to produce, planet, and protect millions of trees every week. This creates jobs enabling them to support their local environment and themselves in the long run. Individuals are provided with opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.

The Eden Project provides nature-based solutions to achieve global emissions targets through reforestation. By enabling local communities to restore forests at such a large scale, the effects of climate change are mitigated. Consistent with the other projects Climate Wise supports, the Eden Projects helps reduce the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere while benefiting those in the poorest communities.

Their projects are established in a variety of locations, from Haiti, who suffered from an earthquake and hurricane in one year alongside challenges of political unrest, to Madagascar where most of its inhabitants are running from wildfires. Over 10,000 individuals in 229 project sites in nine countries have been employed by the Eden Project and empowered with fair wages. Allow nature to reboot itself by offsetting your carbon emissions with Climate Wise.

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