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Jonathan Burt


Jonathan’s interest in the natural environment was sparked as a young child, spending hours in nature reserves with his father helping out any way he could but mainly looking under rocks and logs for the next insect or amphibian. At the age of 18 he spent a month in the Seychelles monitoring the health of local reef ecosystems, helping the government track the effect of large scale bleaching events on biodiversity. After secondary school he decided to further pursue his goal of working in the environment sector by studying marine environmental studies at Bangor University. It was here that he wrote a dissertation on the physiological effects of ocean acidification on echinoderms (starfish, sea cucumbers etc) and decided he would do all he could to help with climate action.

After university he started a traineeship with the Wildlife Trust working on a large reserve in Rutland helping to improve ecosystems, encourage biodiversity and educate the public on why this was such important work. During this time he was involved in starting a local climate action group with the help of Friends of the Earth and worked on lobbying local governments.

He now works for a non-for-profit managing an estate that hosts outdoor plays and in his spare time contributing to climate action any way he can.

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