Pourquoi Climate Wise?

Climate Wise a été créé pour permettre à TOUS de collaborer au changement. Après avoir reçu des dons, l’argent est investi dans des projets et des initiatives qui nous permettent à tous de faire partie de ce mouvement.

Avec notre partenaire de mise en œuvre, nous garantissons que 90% des dons nets vont DIRECTEMENT aux projets. Climate Wise est une entreprise communautaire avec une licence de charité en cours au Royaume-Uni. Climate Wise fournira la transparence nécessaire sur l’endroit où vous avez investi vos fonds, et le partenaire de mise en œuvre fournira un rapport trimestriel complet, ainsi qu’une analyse de projet, affichés sur le site Web.

Individuals and Families

We can all make changes to reduce our carbon footprint which is commendable, however, our individual circumstances will always create a footprint, access to public transport, where we source our food, how we get to work all as an impact and there will always remain an amount of footprint that can be offset. ALL OF US CAN AND SHOULD take responsibility to offset ourselves. This makes you CARBON ZERO. In addition to this, we know that not everyone can afford to do this or will do this therefore, going above and beyond, taking your personal footprint negative can make you a CARBON HERO.

As a community we can look at making our entire community carbon neutral or net negative. By running a school, church, sports team project, an entire group of people can offset themselves as a group and take pride in being a carbon neutral organisation. Carbon Wise will support and help these initiatives and will help with presentations and communications to enable the project to run successfully. As an implementing partner a Climate Wise community will offset itself and we will be there alongside the organisers to help every step of the way.

Communities and groups


As a business can become a Climate Wise business. This can be at two levels. The first is offsetting every individual within the business and this can become part of an employee’s benefit plan and the whole business staff can be offset. At Climate Wise, we will help as you perform presentations to show what the business is doing for its staff and the impact that they are having. 

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