Mission & Vision

Climate Wise allows you to easily and affordably address climate change. Our mission is to provide meaningful change by offsetting our carbon footprint and improving the lives of those in the poorest communities.

We are a global solution focused on leading the way in providing both investment into climate change products as well as supporting local communities with education and lifestyle change initiatives to reduce the footprints being generated piece by piece.

Our passionate team is the foundation of our business, driving change through the investment of funds into carbon reducing projects.

Trusted Partner

We keep our commitments and are committed to doing business the right way.

Donor Focused

We focus on transparency and reporting to ensure that our donors understand where their money goes and the difference that it makes.


Open and honest communication is the foundation of our organisation.


Seeking charity and not-for-profit status in our donor countries, we seek to have the most rigorous oversight over our organisation.

What we do

Our vision is to offer passionate individuals and businesses a chance to address climate change, to increase understanding of climate change issues and to combat these by pooling donations that offset the carbon footprint of individuals and companies. We support projects that affect change on a local and global scale. 90% of all funds raised directly support organisations, partners and projects that demonstrate meaningful change on global CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

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