Alexander Shaw


My name is Alexander Shaw, and I am an LLB law graduate and currently studying a LLM in Human Rights and Environmental law. I am passionate about the need to educate on climate change action and have focused on the impacts of climate change from the perspective the damage it will do to mankind. That it why I have focused my expertise and currently writing my masters thesis on the international legal protection of climate change refugees. In the next coming year, I aim to complete a PhD in law focusing on environmental and immigration law with the aim to further educate to the best of my ability the disastrous impact of climate change.

I have studied at the University of Lancaster and also Charles University in the Czech Republic where I have attended and been a part of many international environmental and human rights events and presentations, speaking to many legal experts on the topic at hand.

In my spare time I love to travel and experience new cultures, experiencing the beauty of the natural world. From the Northern lights of Norway and Finland to the hot climate of the dead sea and Petra.

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