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Climate Wise will work with your Company, and employees, to make the changes that benefit both your Company and the environment. We understand that in our global economy, organisations and employees will continue to need to operate to reach international communities and partners, and that travel is an enjoyable and important part of people’s lives. Climate Wise works with companies to offset their corporate and personal lifestyles. This helps people to continue living their lives in the knowledge that they are part of the solution by offsetting their impact. 

There are two key ways that you can make a difference AND benefit from making that difference:

Option 1

As a benefit, your employee receives the following:

  1. Certification from Climate Wise that your Company has offset its footprint
  2. Quarterly reports on what meaningful changes have been made to the environment in the global fight to stem the tide
  3. The knowledge that they are working for an organization who offsets their employees’ footprint
  4. For all companies with more than 15 employees offset, a presentation by Climate Wise, either in person or on video conferencing for all employees to hear about the work being done and enable them to take pride in it
  5. For all companies with more than 15 employees offset, Climate Wise merchandise will be provided to employees so that they can promote what your Company is doing for them

As a corporate benefit a company receives the following:

  1. Staff recognition that they work for a socially conscious organization – this can be written into part of your Company’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals demonstrating you actively strive to contribute positively to the environment or to social causes
  2. Ability to deliver a staff benefit that gifts them their part in helping the planet
  3. Employee pride when talking about what their company is involved in 
  4. Promotion to clients and customers that your organization is playing its part in this global issue
  5. Demonstrate to your stakeholders that you as a company, are committed to both your work, your employees and the wider community as a good corporate citizen
  6. Recognition with the training and communication provided by the Climate Wise team that you continue to offer staff a socially aware benefits package

Option 2

In addition to Option 1, your Company itself will create a carbon footprint. This is in office space, corporate travel, and many other areas. As an additional service, for smaller businesses, our Climate Wise team can calculate the impact of your business with respect to its footprint and, for those businesses with more than 50 members of staff, we can work with you to complete an assessment of your impact. As a business, once known, you can choose to work with Climate Wise to offset your footprint and can then promote itself as having taken meaningful action in the battle against global climate change. 

The benefits to the Company include:

  1. Promote the business as a Climate Wise company
  2. Recognition amongst peers as being a good corporate citizen
  3. Reputational enhancement of the business as one which looks after its employees
  4. Clients will view the business in a more positive light
  5. Stakeholders will be proud of not only the core business your Company does but the ethical way in which it operates

For further information on the support and benefits derived from working with Climate Wise contact us at

What is Climate Wise?

Climate Wise is a global solution that provides advisory and consulting services to businesses to help them measure, reduce and then offset their carbon footprint.
We select, monitor and put into place certified projects which allow businesses to easily and affordably address climate change through the investment of funds into these carbon reducing projects.

Supporting your Business to help save the planet

Companies are increasingly being asked for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) policies by their staff, clients, potential clients, regulators and shareholders. One of the best ways to showcase this is by committing to helping to save the planet through Climate Wise. Signing up will give your Company an advantage as your competitors strive to keep up. Global warming and climate change have now come to the fore as key sustainable development issues, and this means companies’ CSR and ESG policies are under the microscope like never before. What’s more, government policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), including the introduction of emissions trading programmes, energy taxes and regulations and standards on energy efficiency and emissions, mean that businesses must be able to understand and manage their GHG risks if they are to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment.

Delivering a solution that benefits your business and the environment

Businesses who offset their carbon footprint through Climate Wise notice a number of associated benefits:

How can I get involved?

There are three stages through which you can ‘Climate Wise’ your business, and these can be applied all at once or individually depending on what you want to achieve. These are:

Stage 1 – Offset your business

In addition to the carbon footprint of your individual employees, your business itself will create a carbon footprint. Stage 2 is likely to be required of all businesses in the near future and focuses on offsetting your Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).
Through our relationship with Smart Carbon and using an internationally recognised methodology, the GHG Protocols, our team will help you calculate the impact of your business, in line with all current GHG inputs.

Service Overview:

  1. Calculate your CCF
  2. Provide you with a report outlining the CCF component part.
  3. Provide you with a report on CCF reduction recommendations
  4. Carbon Offset your unavoidable CCF

Company benefits:

  • Market place enhancement with stakeholders, clients, customers and the wider community
  • Improved scores in sustainability initiatives and tender processes
  • Promote the business as a climate neutral Company
  • Corporate recognition amongst peers
  • Market drivers (FTSE4Good Index rating, Eco-Vadis etc.)
  • Financial savings Development of an ESG policy

Stage 2 – Offset your employees

Most businesses choose to start by offsetting the carbon footprint of their individual employees through Climate Wise. This can be presented to staff as an additional employee benefit:

Employees benefit from:

  • A Climate Wise certificate
  • Quarterly reports on projects supported and their impacts on the environment
  • Satisfaction that their employer is making a difference
  • Climate Wise merchandise pack

Employer benefits:

  • Climate Wise certification
  • Evidence for your Company ESG goals
  • Ability to deliver a staff benefit that helps the planet
  • Communication initiatives through Climate Wise media platforms
  • Training and communication provided by the Climate Wise team

Stage 3 – Offset your Products

Stage 3 looks at the lifecycle of your product, from manufacturing and transport to delivery to the end consumer. Calculating your Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) will result in a report for each product, and
a footprint analysis, which can be offset through Climate Wise.
Once offset, your product will become carbon neutral and will be able to bear the Climate Wise logo.

How is this done?
By collecting your data and working with our partners at Smart Carbon, Climate Wise delivers a report on your current footprint and identifies areas where your business can reduce its impact. This is an annual service.
With a footprint identified, Climate Wise will provide your business with a cross section of projects it supports and the cost of offsetting them. This will be reviewed annually to ensure your business remains carbon neutral.

What does it cost? Stage 1 – Employee offset

It is estimated that the average person produces 5-12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and the average cost of offsetting via Climate Wise supported projects is £8/$11 per tonne.
This means that your company can offset low-carbon employees for just £6/$8.50 per month.

Stage 2 and 3 – Business and product offset

The cost of both stage 2 and 3 solutions will be dependent on the size of the organisation and includes a fixed consulting amount to allow our consultants to complete your bespoke analysis. This is kept as low as possible to minimise the barrier to entry for businesses.
The projects supported by Climate Wise cost approximately £8 /$11 per tonne to offset, and we’ll use this to provide you with an accurate offset cost based on the report we have prepared for you. Each quarter you’ll receive a report on the impact that your Company has had in helping relieve this devastating challenge.

Additional Services

UN Global Compact
Strengthen your commitment to responsible management by becoming a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The UNGC is a voluntary strategic policy initiative for businesses committed to establishing a consistent approach to corporate social responsibility within ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Climate Wise will help you become a signatory to the UNGC by demonstrating that your company’s principles are part of your business culture and day-to-day business activities. Move from awareness to action and become a business leader in your industry. We will prepare your Letter of Commitment addressed to the UN Secretary-General outlining your commitment and implementation of the Ten Principles and prepare your annual Communication on Progress.

Certified B Corporations meet the highest verified standards, join the B-Corp movement and use business as a force for good by creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We will support and facilitate your company as you work to achieve B Corp Certification. Each journey is different, we can take you through all the necessary steps or simply guide you through the Impact Assessment. Gain certification to demonstrate that you are a purpose-driven brand with a sustainability agenda.

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