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Climate Wise will work with your Company, and employees, to make the changes that benefit both your Company and the environment. We understand that in our global economy, organisations and employees will continue to need to operate to reach international communities and partners, and that travel is an enjoyable and important part of people’s lives. Climate Wise works with companies to offset their corporate and personal lifestyles. This helps people to continue living their lives in the knowledge that they are part of the solution by offsetting their impact. 

There are two key ways that you can make a difference AND benefit from making that difference:

Option 1

As a benefit, your employee receives the following:

  1. Certification from Climate Wise that your Company has offset its footprint
  2. Quarterly reports on what meaningful changes have been made to the environment in the global fight to stem the tide
  3. The knowledge that they are working for an organization who offsets their employees’ footprint
  4. For all companies with more than 15 employees offset, a presentation by Climate Wise, either in person or on video conferencing for all employees to hear about the work being done and enable them to take pride in it
  5. For all companies with more than 15 employees offset, Climate Wise merchandise will be provided to employees so that they can promote what your Company is doing for them

As a corporate benefit a company receives the following:

  1. Staff recognition that they work for a socially conscious organization – this can be written into part of your Company’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals demonstrating you actively strive to contribute positively to the environment or to social causes
  2. Ability to deliver a staff benefit that gifts them their part in helping the planet
  3. Employee pride when talking about what their company is involved in 
  4. Promotion to clients and customers that your organization is playing its part in this global issue
  5. Demonstrate to your stakeholders that you as a company, are committed to both your work, your employees and the wider community as a good corporate citizen
  6. Recognition with the training and communication provided by the Climate Wise team that you continue to offer staff a socially aware benefits package

Option 2

In addition to Option 1, your Company itself will create a carbon footprint. This is in office space, corporate travel, and many other areas. As an additional service, for smaller businesses, our Climate Wise team can calculate the impact of your business with respect to its footprint and, for those businesses with more than 50 members of staff, we can work with you to complete an assessment of your impact. As a business, once known, you can choose to work with Climate Wise to offset your footprint and can then promote itself as having taken meaningful action in the battle against global climate change. 

The benefits to the Company include:

  1. Promote the business as a Climate Wise company
  2. Recognition amongst peers as being a good corporate citizen
  3. Reputational enhancement of the business as one which looks after its employees
  4. Clients will view the business in a more positive light
  5. Stakeholders will be proud of not only the core business your Company does but the ethical way in which it operates

For further information on the support and benefits derived from working with Climate Wise contact us at

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