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Climate Wise works with schools in both primary and secondary sectors. We believe that engaging with the young generations on the fundamentals of climate change, understanding their planet and how it works, and how to make some basic choices can help shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Climate Wise works with primary schools to present at assemblies and help young people understand that we only have one planet. At children and their parents can access all sorts of interesting information and we have developed a special page, where the children can both learn from, and contribute to. Parents and teachers can sign up to the newsletter for up to date information on initiatives or follow any of our social media channels as we roll our initiatives out globally.

At the secondary level, we work with schools to support the delivery of related elements of the national curriculum for science and geography adapted as required. This extends to providing support and hosting challenges for community or social projects that schools may wish to run. This includes a series of videos and interactive sessions focussing on issues including the global challenge, the evidence around climate change and global warming, the impact of global warming, and exploring solutions. We outline what Climate Wise is doing, the initiatives we are following, and challenge the school students to work to both improve their carbon footprint.

By engaging with Climate Wise we can support and provide benefits to schools in the following areas:

Student Body Offset

  1. Climate Wise can estimate the footprint of the student body based on country averages.
  2. We can assess savings made by lifestyle choices, and create a budget for the student body to offset.
  3. Certification from Climate Wise that your School, Community, Company or Family has offset its footprint
  4. Quarterly reports on what meaningful changes have been made to the environment in the global fight to stem the tide
  5. The knowledge that you’re part of an academic institution with a strong ethical and social responsibility

Further benefits to the school and student body include:

  1. Staff recognise that they work for a socially conscious organization, this can be written into part of your School’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals demonstrating you actively strive to contribute positively to the environment or to social causes
  2. Deliver a staff benefit that gifts them their part in helping the planet
  3. Student pride when talking about what their school is involved in
  4. Parental pride in knowing their child is at a school with strong values
  5. Partnership with a Community Interest Company which can assist in providing complimentary education for the students
  6. Empowered behavioral change, as students understand and address the issues they and the planet face and to become the next generation of influencers
  7. The ability to work with Climate Wise to develop projects which can be mutually beneficial as part of a project-based approach to learning
  8. The ability to work with Climate Wise on a program to assess the impact of the school footprint and assess ways to offset that – for example, adding a donation to Climate Wise projects to offset the environmental impact of school trips, etc and make the entire school, the buildings, and the people, Climate Wise
  9. Climate Wise can assist with fundraising projects and schemes to help you make your school a net-zero school

For further information on the support and benefits derived from working with Climate Wise contact us at

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