50 wind turbine project generating clean electricity in Andhra Pradesh, India






This 100 MW wind power plant, supported by Orange Renewable, is located in the district of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, India. The project consists of 50 wind turbines of 2.0 MW each generating clean electricity. To ensure the best possible outreach to the community, the project has a dedicated site team that works exclusively on engaging local stakeholders. The project adheres to best practices and has conducted an ESIA study in line with the IFC guidelines. The goal behind this project is to generate over 215 GWh of clean energy and positively impact the lives of local communities.

Project Impacts and Benefits:

At Orange, environmental and social responsibility is at the core of every step taken. Orange Renewable has been recognized jointly by Sustainable Maharashtra, INDIRA, World CSR Day and World Federation of CSR professionals agencies in the “India Sustainability Leadership Summit and Awards” with “Sustainable Carbon Management Practice Award” and “Sustainable Community Leadership Award” in 2017 for remarkable sustainable development.

At the project site, Orange conducted a detailed community ‘Need Assessment’ survey to understand local requirements and planned activities based on this feedback. Orange consistently invests in the following thematic areas:

  1. Supporting community health care and augmenting medical facilities
  2. Quality of education through supporting schools
  3. Develop and provide clean drinking water infrastructure
  4. Women empowerment through awareness and assistance
  5. Generating quantifiable employment for locals
  6. Safeguarding environment
  7. Further activities are also carried out to support the “Clean India” initiative of the Government of India by investing in sanitary infrastructure

The focus of all activities is to improve the quality of life in the vicinity of the projects. Some highlights include:

Community Health Care:

  • Lack of sufficient medical care is leading to serious health issues which are left unattended at an early stage. Community Health Camps in the villages of Nimbagallu and Amidyala resulted in participation of 1326 locals. Health checkups were carried out and medicines were distributed as required. In addition to medicines, required food supplements were provided. At all camps dedicated female doctors and nurses are available.
  • Apart from site specific activities, Orange is also supporting 100 cancer affected children every year on a pan-India basis under the project “Adopt a Child (AAC)” of the “CanKids Kidscan” initiative, whose vision is to give a fair chance of survival to children who otherwise would have died for want of treatment.

Quality of Education & School Support:

  • Furniture Distribution: The schools have no furniture for children. Students sit on the floor to study. However, this is particularly difficult during monsoons as water seeps in the classrooms; preventing children from attending school on various occasions. Orange identified the affected schools and distributed furniture for over 500 students.
  • Toilet Construction: Lack of working toilets in the schools has been preventing many girl students from attending school on regular basis. Schools and community facilities with no available toilet were provided with a total of 5 toilets and 2 urinals and 2 washbasins.

Develop and Provide Clean Drinking Water Infrastructure:

  • The project region is known for being arid, hot and has one of the poorest underground water tables. During summers, getting clean drinking is necessary as tap water is not potable and safe for drinking. Orange has commissioned RO plant and cooler at a community center in Nimbagallu. It directly benefits over 500 locals.

Women Empowerment through Awareness and Assistance:

  • Women Hygiene Awareness: There is very little awareness among women about hygiene for women during menstrual cycle. Number of health awareness program were conducted for adolescents and women in the local villages by Orange, teaching good practices.
  • Sanitary Napkins Camp: Use of old cloths as sanitary napkin is a prevalent practice leading to unhygienic conditions for women. The camps organized in Amidyala and Nimbagallu benefited over 300 women with months of sanitary napkins supplies.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Orange has been helping women in the vicinity to connect and organize frequent meets to disseminate information and knowledge. Here women can discuss their issues and also learn techniques for better employment opportunities.  Over 250 women have participated in these events.

Generating Quantifiable Employment for Locals:

  • The project has led to significant employment opportunities for the locals. During the construction stage, the project engaged over 100 personnel of which over 50 were locals. Currently the project results in employment of over 50 personnel of which 30 are residents.

Every activity carried out at the project site draws maximum attendees as mass communication material are deployed to attract locals. Pamphlets at Panchayat, posters, mike announcement, skits (Nukkad Natak) etc so everyone in need may attend benefits programs.

Apart from the site activities at this project, Orange is involved in CSR activities across India with an outreach spanning to more than 50 villages, impacting close to 30,000 lives of 6,000 families in 7 states of India. The group has successfully constructed close to 220 km of roads at various project locations. More than 550 km of transmission lines have been built at its project sites to enable electricity to reach the main grids. More importantly, the group has generated employment for more than 3,000 people in the remote areas in the country around its projects directly or indirectly.

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