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Services Eco Essential Eco Choice Eco Elite Eco Premier Eco Supreme
Corporate Carbon Footprint
Core Services 1 Core Services 2 Core Services 3 Core Services 4 Core Services 5+ Core Services
GHG Scope 1-3 Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GHG Inventory Report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sustainable Next Steps Report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UN Accreditation Support
UN Global Compact Application Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Race to Zero Application Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Staff Engagement and Education
Climate Wise Project Offsets Yes Yes Yes
Climate Wise App Yes Yes Yes
Employee Merchandise Yes Yes Yes
Employee Offsets Yes Yes Yes
Employee Presentation Yes Yes Yes
Employee Welcome Letter Yes Yes Yes
Quarterly Newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Product Lifecycle Calculation
Product Lifecycle Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Product Lifecycle Report Yes Yes
Carbon Management Policy
ESG Policy Support Yes
Carbon Literacy Training and Certification
Carbon Literacy Training
Accreditation Support Services
B Corp
Carbon Verified Project Offsets
Gold Standard Carbon Offsets Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Neutral Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Climate Wise Nature-Based Project Offset
Climate Wise Ecosystem Restoration Projects Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Benefits
Carbon Footprint Profile Webpage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Climate Wise Media Pack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company Corporate Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company Social Media Posts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consultation and Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guest Blogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
News Articles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Podcast Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Companies with less than 5 employees are eligible to a negotiated rate

How many employees do you have?

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How can I get involved?

There are three stages through which you can ‘Climate Wise’ your business, and these can be applied all at once or individually depending on what you want to achieve. These are:

Corporate Calculation

Businesses inherently contribute to carbon footprints. In the near future, it is likely that all businesses will need to prioritise calculating, reducing, and offsetting their Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) and or Product Corporate Footprint (PCF). Through our collaborations and the use of internationally recognised GHG Protocols, our team will assist you in calculating your business’s impact on the environment, aligning it with current GHG standards. We aim to support you in reducing your carbon footprint and mitigating the rest.

How is this done?

By collecting your data , Climate Wise delivers a report on your current footprint and identifies areas where your business can reduce its impact. This is an annual service. With a footprint identified, Climate Wise will provide your business with a cross section of projects it supports and the cost of offsetting them. This will be reviewed annually to ensure your business remains carbon neutral.

Service Overview:
  • Calculate your CCF
  • Provide you with a report outlining the CCF component part.
  • Provide you with a report on CCF reduction recommendations
  • Carbon Offset your unavoidable CCF
Company benefits:
  • Market place enhancement with stakeholders, clients, customers and
    the wider
  • Improved scores in sustainability initiatives and tender processes
  • Promote the business as a climate neutral Company
  • Corporate recognition amongst peers
  • Market drivers (FTSE4Good Index rating, Eco-Vadis etc.)
  • Financial savings Development of an ESG policy

Employee Empowerment

Beyond your business’s corporate carbon footprint, your employees also generate a carbon footprint through their daily lifestyles. Many businesses opt to begin by educating and subsequently offsetting the carbon footprint of their individual employees through Climate Wise. This can be presented to staff as an added employee perk, emphasising our commitment to their well-being and environmental consciousness.

Employees benefit from:
  • A Climate Wise certificate
  • Quarterly reports on projects supported and their impacts on the
  • Satisfaction that their employer is making a difference
  • Climate Wise merchandise pack
Employer benefits:
  • Climate Wise certification
  • Evidence for your Company ESG goals
  • Ability to deliver a staff benefit that helps the planet
  • Communication initiatives through Climate Wise media platforms
  • Training and communication provided by the Climate Wise team

Carbon Mitigation

Climate Wise supports you by mitigating your company’s carbon footprint which is essential in today’s sustainability landscape.. To achieve this, adopt strategies such as renewable energy, energy-efficient technology, supply chain optimisation, remote work promotion, and carbon offset projects. These practices enhance brand reputation, attract eco-conscious consumers, and ensure long-term success in a greener world.

How Can it Help?

  • Legal compliance by participating in mandatory reporting programmes (e.g. SECR)
  • Improved scores in sustainability initiatives and tender processes
  • Enhanced staff engagement, recruitment and retention
  • Improved customer perception and reputation
  • Ability to manage GHG risks
  • Participation in GHG markets
  • Ability to identify opportunities for financial savings
  • Knowledge that you are supporting projects that are delivering restoration, carbon reduction and community benefits

Additional Services

UN Global Compact Application Support

Strengthen your commitment to responsible management by becoming a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The UNGC is a voluntary strategic policy initiative for businesses committed to establishing a consistent approach to corporate social responsibility within ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-cor


Certified B Corporations meet the highest verified standards, join the B-Corp movement and use business as a force for good by creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We will support and facilitate your company as you work to achieve B Corp Certification.

Each journey is different, we can take you through all the necessary steps or simply guide you through the Impact Assessment. Gain certification to demonstrate that you are a purpose-driven brand with a sustainability agenda.


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    Our Supporting Companies

    Blue Agri

    Blue Agri is a pan-African agriculture business committed to growing food in an efficient manner across Africa. Climate Wise is working with Blue Agri to assess long term agriculture products which have a positive impact on the environment and help feed the community.

    Kratos Investments

    Kratos Investments (Bermuda) Limited is a Bermuda-based private holding company that is actively exploring the global market for new investment opportunities. Our experienced team is investing in a wide spectrum of assets ranging from hard assets to public/private enterprises. The team has work experience ranging from start-ups to turnarounds but most importantly is our proven track record of success in our investments.

    Sutherland Consulting

    Sutherland Consulting are Chartered Surveyors, Project Managers, and Cost Consultants, offering advice on the management, cost, compliance, and technical elements of construction projects. The services offered include advice on the maintenance and management of individual properties or entire property estates.


    MGA is a creative agency, specialising in brand development and internal communications with strong experience across a range of different business sectors. Our full-service capability means we work seamlessly end-to-end, from initial strategic consideration and direction, through to the delivery of communications to key internal and external stakeholders. It’s fair to say that developing strategic and creative communications is our lifeblood – our team is passionate about it and, we like to think, good at it too.


    SGA is an award-winning creative powerhouse, specialising in branded and themed entertainment. Based in London, UK, with a global portfolio, SGA specialises in providing initial creative, concept development and production services for a variety of theme parks, live shows, museums and brands. Working with their clients, they consult, design and develop an astonishing variety of entertainment experiences.

    TDI – The Development Initiative

    TDI was established in 2005 and provides a range of explosive threat mitigation and mine-action related services to multinational companies, and governmental and non-governmental organisations.

    With a recognised footprint throughout Africa and the Middle East, TDI has completed over 80 projects in countries including Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. TDI has cleared over 26,600 km of routes and roads, removed more than 235,000 items of unexploded ordnance, and safely destroyed over 2,400 tonnes of unserviceable and obsolete munitions.

    TDI considers each contract’s unique parameters and terrain in order to provide the appropriate and necessary tools to get the job done efficiently, cost effectively and safely.

    Royce Communications

    Royce Communications has been a major supplier of IT Data infrastructures since 1988 and has evolved into a solutions provider where it encompasses many converging technologies to offer its client forward thinking solutions for their buildings data needs. Our partnership with Climate Wise is to help us continue our path of strategically offering our current and new sustainable solutions to the data infrastructure world, whilst Climate Wise will help our own organisation on the journey to become Carbon Neutral.

    AT Management

    At AT Management, we are team players first and foremost. We immerse ourselves in the culture and visions of our client’s to fully understand them and what they are looking to achieve. With our innovative ideas and data insight, we work as an extension of our client’s team to collaboratively develop business growth strategies and execute revenue generation solutions that work.


    We work one on one with organisations to help develop and implement their communication, CSR / sustainability strategies, build effective partnerships and build internal capability and engagement to deliver long-term value.

    Desktop Ideas

    Desktop Ideas is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of sustainable promotional technology. Now part of the New Wave Group plc – Desktop Ideas was formed over 23 years ago and has been leading the way in gadgets and promotional tech since its formation, its primary focus is now on sustainable TECH ideas to be used in the B2B marketing arena. Working with Climate Wise has helped the company refocus its effects on the planet and think ahead for both company employees and products.

    Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO)

    Over the last 115 years, BELCO, Bermuda’s primary energy provider, has worked continuously to supply a secure, reliable, and sustainable electric power system, laying the foundation for Bermuda’s continual progress. As a fundamental part of the fabric of Bermuda, we are driven by our commitment to serve our local community, and operate in the long-term public interest. Our obligation to serve Bermuda is not just our mission, it’s in our company DNA.


    Seeblue are an award-winning B2B ABM agency who support fast growth Enterprises in the technology sector to accelerate their growth. Fueled by passion, expertise and proven track record, their account-based marketing approach,?SeeABX, drives revenue, retention, relationships and reputation for their clients.

    Jiggle Ltd

    Jiggle is a Promotional Merchandise & Branded Clothing distributor.
    The Director Emma Reynolds launched Jiggle in 2022 after working in the Promotional Merchandise industry for more than 15 years.
    Emma says “As a new business, I want to start how I mean to go on and ensure the business is ethical and sustainable. One of the first things we are committed to, is becoming a Carbon Neutral Company, that’s where Climate Wise come in to the mix. Together with Climate Wise we want to negate any negative impact on the environment and aim to have a positive impact.”


    Operating within the hospitality industry across the UK, Lime FMS is an outsourced provider of housekeeping solutions, ensuring a seamless partnership with our clients and providing hotel guests with a clean and welcoming room.


    Firebrand Promotions provides many companies across various sectors with creative branded merchandise. We operate in a challenging space in relation to sustainability due to product sourcing and shipping etc. so that’s why in 2017 we launched ‘Project Green’. This initiative makes us think differently, challenge what we do and look at ways that we can make more of a positive impact on the environment. Project Green drives us to consider how we buy, what products we source and how we take them to market in a more environmentally friendly way. It’s been a journey which we have enjoyed and are ready to take it to the next step. Therefore, we have chosen to partner with Climate Wise to help us achieve our sustainability goals. We want to continue to learn more about environmental matters while ensuring our team are educated too and the collaboration with Climate Wise will help towards us achieving our goals . We are looking forward to partnering with the Climate Wise team and this collaboration reaffirms to our employees, suppliers and customers how seriously we take the topic of sustainability.

    Get Grounded ®

    At Get Grounded we are passionate about nature, our planet and helping other achieve their personal aims & goals. We plan to do this by maximising the quality of their sleep so that they are more energised and prepared for every challenge or task they may face during the day by harnessing the many astonishing and wonderful benefits of sleeping whilst grounded. Today we understand the science of earthing, being grounded to the Earth is essential for our health, happiness & wellbeing. For this reason we founded Get Grounded to share our passion & the extraordinary benefits of earthing.

    SpottyDog Communications

    Spottydog communications is an award-winning PR, communications and social media consultancy based in central Birmingham. Founded in 2010, we thrive on creating standout campaigns for a range of B2B, B2C and public sector clients.


    TTC continually look at ways to reduce our impact on the environment through a number of initiatives. This runs alongside our commitments to environmental legislation and regulations, detailed within our BSI ISO:14001 Environmental Management System. We have measures in place to ensure that those organisations that form part of our supply chain performing a supplier analysis prior to purchase to ensure that we use suppliers who have a demonstrated commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Wherever possible, we aim to use local suppliers in order to reduce the volume of delivery miles and lower our suppliers carbon footprint.

    Krypton Fund Services

    Krypton Fund Services (‘Krypton’) is a boutique fund services company with the sole objective of providing client service with distinction. Our core business is Client Focus with service and accountability as our framework. We pride ourselves on a client-centric approach with a bespoke product providing an alternative to the predictable cookie-cutter solution. Combining an innovative global service model with superior staff and technology the Company offers an innovative global solution, by offering flexible delivery and excellent service focusing on the specialized needs and local responsiveness required by alternative investment managers. Krypton has established a global footprint with Krypton Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd. licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority under the Investment Funds Act 2006, KFS (Mauritius) Ltd licensed by the Financial Services Commission and Krypton Fund Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. The Company is led by its CEO Roderick White who has over 15 years’ experience in the fund administration industry.


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