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It is surprising, but when donations are added together they make a significant difference. In most western countries the average person produces between 5 and 10 tonnes of carbon each year, with the global average being 4.8 tonnes (source: Most projects offset at a rate of between $7 and $15 per tonne. This means that a contribution of between $35 and $75 a year, or $3-6 per month will offset the impact of a global citizen. We select our projects on the basis of their offset impact, coupled with any benefits they provide to a local community such as job creation, health improvement or gender equality.

With our implementing partner we guarantee that 90% of all net donations received go directly into the climate projects. The remaining 10% is spent on selecting the projects, managing the projects, overseeing and monitoring their success and operating our team of climate changers who work to make sure your money makes the most difference possible.

We created Climate Wise to make a difference. Yes, we can all raise awareness and implement personal lifestyle changes, but we cannot offset ourselves entirely. By coming together we can make meaningful and permanent change happen as a mass of individuals and businesses. Climate Wise provides you the chance to be part of this community.

Our donation levels are designed to offset the average footprint and that of the frequent traveller.

Yes! It will take a lot of people, but we are moving in the right direction. If everyone does a little bit, we can make the change.

Climate Wise is selecting the best way to make the most change in the shortest possible time. In the UK, we are currently a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a charity application pending. To get the ball rolling, we chose the CIC route which has enhanced reporting and can be converted into a charity. We are seeking the quickest route to be ‘live’ in each location around the world and setting up the most appropriate legal structure in each location. We operate with transparency with respect to our programmes, projects supported, and difference made and do this via the e-reporting and quarterly reports. At Climate Wise we have committed that 90% of all net donations received goes to the projects and you will receive regular communications on the projects your money is assisting and the difference it is making.

By working with companies that are certified, we gain evidence of the amount of tonnes offset for each of the projects we invest in. We can therefore also compute the tonnes offset for each donation amount.

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