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Make your business a Climate Wise business. Offset the footprints of your staff members and give them the gift of a carbon offset life. Climate Wise will assist with presentations and materials for you to show how your business is helping tackle this critical issue.



We can all make changes to reduce our carbon footprint which is commendable, however, our individual circumstances will always create a footprint. How we buy our clothes, where we source our food, how we get to work and the holidays we choose all has an impact and there will always remain an amount of footprint that remains to be offset. Offset yourself today to make yourself Carbon Zero, or offset and do more and become a Carbon Hero.



By selecting our family option, you can offset your entire household in one simple way. A donation by one family member can offset the house you live in. Offset you and those you live with today.


Community and Schools

As a community, you can make your group carbon neutral or net negative. Whether running a school, church or sports team, an entire community can offset themselves as a group and take pride in being a carbon neutral organisation. Climate Wise will support these initiatives and will help with presentations and communications to enable the project to run successfully. A Climate Wise community will offset itself and we will be there alongside you every step of the way.


Want to know your carbon footprint?

Try the WWF carbon footprint calculator, it only takes a couple of minutes


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