Adavikanda 6.5 MW Mini Hydro Power Project in Sri Lanka

6.5 MW Mini Hydro Power Project in Sri Lanka

Alternate Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. has constructed a run-of-river 6.5 MW mini hydropower plant in Sri Lanka. The project activity involves generation of up to 20,000 MWh clean electricity annually from a small-scale hydropower plant. The generated power is then supplied to the Sri Lankan national utility grid. The project area is located in the Kuruwita division of the Ratnapura district, in Adavikanda and is in close proximity to the Adams Peak Pilgrims road through Erathna. The Project helps achieve 13,500 tCO2e emission reductions every year.

The Company’s commitment to the environment is integral to its strategy. As more and more people become concerned about hydropower’s contribution to global warming and other environmental issues arising from the construction of huge dams and the flooding of vast swathes of land, there is increased interest in run-of-the-river hydro-electricity generation as installation of such systems has very little environmental impact.



Economic & Infrastructure

  • The Company has undertaken the repair of the Erathna – Adavikanda road, which runs through the main access road to Sri Pada from Kuruwita, and surfacing the road with tar for 1.5 km at a cost of around Rs. 1 million. Each year, the Company provides financial assistance to local authorities for cleaning the Sri Pada road before the start of the pilgrimage season.
  • The Kuruwita – Erathna road was repaired for 5 km from Kuruwita to Sudagala, and a side wall constructed at a culvert near Marukanda.
  • Erathna, Lassakanda Yaya is one of the main roads that runs up to Erathna town.  The Company has taken the initiative to concrete this road for easy accessibility to Erathna.
  • Paladeniya road within the Adavikanda Village is the main access to Paladeniya School and transportation route.  The Company restored the poorly maintained road to facilitate daily commute of the locals.
  • At the request of the local stakeholders the Company constructed a bridge and a proper access road over the River Kuru Ganga connecting the villages of Adavikanda and Paladeniya.  In the past, the residents were using a small foot bridge which connects the two villages. This has made transportation & travel far more efficient than before.
  • The Company has also erected a building for a local school, Erathna Maha Vidyalaya, and rehabilitated the men’s ward of the Erathna rural hospital, along with the Kuruwita Police Station.
  • For the benefit of worshippers, the Company has also constructed a place of worship at Sri Pada, and a Buddha statue with a platform for worshipping.


  • The Company has initiated a plantation program to promote silviculture in rural areas including public places such as school premises / roads etc. Up to date, the Company has contributed to plant approximately 178,600 plants across the island.


  • A community hall has been constructed in Adavikanda village as a common place to conduct community related activities and events. The community hall is now utilized for health seminars, health clinics, educational events and many other welfare activities of Adavikanda villagers.
  • 48% of the people employed within the team are sourced from the community.


  • computer room has been constructed in Paladeniya School, equipped with computer systems, for the benefit of the students of the village.
  • The Company also provided equipment for children at the Kiriwaneliya Pre-school in a bid to making their study environment better.

Health & Safety

  • Milk packets are distributed in Sunday school in Adavikanda

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