Coalition for Rainforest Nations

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations was created in 2005 by its members and the United Nation’s REDD+ Mechanism. It was designed to support conservation and to contribute to the battle against climate change. Today this coalition includes 90% of the world’s remaining rainforests. The coalition assists tropical governments, communities and peoples to responsibly manage rainforests. Healthy rainforests protect against a changing climate, generate needed biodiversity and provide safe habitats. Responsible stewardship is the driving force of the world’s last great rainforests achieved through innovative strategies that integrate social, economic and scientific rationales to achieve environmental and social sustainability. The mission of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations is to create sound and long-lasting opportunities for environmental sustainability, social and economic advancement, strengthened capacity and international market reform in a manner that enhances tropical forest stewardship, biodiversity conservation and global climate stability by reversing the destruction of tropical rainforests. To date, they have sequestered over 8.6 billion tonnes of CO2.

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