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Climate Wise launches in bid to crowdfund for the planet

A new organisation which is aiming to crowdfund for the planet has launched, offering individuals, businesses and communities the opportunity to balance their impact on the globe by donating to climate changing projects.

Climate Wise has been created to raise funds for projects which make a direct impact on global warming and climate change. The Company will pool donations to maximise their impact to help safeguard the environment for future generations.

Donations through the Climate Wise platform start at just four pounds per month, which is sufficient to offset a low travelling lifestyle, and this will be used to directly help fund important climate action projects, including tree planting schemes and wind turbine projects, taking place around the globe.

The Company’s online platform gives users the choice and flexibility to simply offset their own individual carbon impact or offset that of their entire household, community group or businesses.

Stephen Castree, Climate Wise founder and director said: “As an organisation we are passionate about climate action and we encourage individuals to consider how they can offset and take responsibility for their own lifestyle choices.

“Minimising our personal and collective impact on the environment is important for all of us, now and in the future, however, becoming completely carbon neutral on our own is simply not possible. We may choose how we commute to work and the holidays we take, but we will continue to purchase food, clothes and make everyday lifestyle choices all of which have an impact. As individuals, we can, and must, take action to compensate for our impact on the environment by supporting projects that are tackling the climate emergency.

“Climate Wise takes donor funding and invests it in projects and organisations which make meaningful and certified change to the environment, allowing everyone to easily and affordably address climate change. This is a collective effort, and it is a cause where even the smallest amount makes a big difference.”

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