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Faith in Fairtrade by Turtle Bags

At Turtle Bags we aim to shine a light on the plastic in our seas and find ways to live without plastic.
However, we need to be confident that the alternatives we offer to plastic are both ethically and sustainably sourced. In a complex world, where we source our textiles from across the seas, this is no easy task!
So, in this we welcome the support of organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation, BAFTS and the World Fairtrade Organisation who continue to help us to find a path in a complex world. These organisations support fair practices and policies for farmers and workers across the world.

Here in the UK we are all to aware of the impact of climate change.
For cotton farmers in India the climate crisis has already been hitting the most vulnerable people in these communities for over a decade: Hotter temperatures, more drought and floods threatens much of the cotton production.

Fairtrade works through paying small-scale cotton farmers the Fairtrade Minimum Price, The Fairtrade Premium and helps build stronger farmer owned organisations. This is aimed at supporting the farmers to adapt to climate change and invest in climate smart farming.

By using Fairtrade cotton for our Turtle Bag products, we can be confident more power and money is passed out to the cotton farmers in India, who sit at the foot of the supply chain in an uncertain world.


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