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Hello from Climate Wise

Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from Climate Wise. In these uncertain times, challenged as we are by COVID-19, the fact remains that the largest threat to our planet is the rising global temperature cause by changes in our atmosphere. Climate Wise gives you, the ability to offset your footprint and make a positive difference to the world around us.

climate Wise has hit the ground running in these uncertain times and is determined to harness the power of individuals by ‘crowdfunding for the planet’ and enabling people around the world to have a positive impact on the environment.

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Has the recent Covid-19 lockdown impacted the climate emergency for the greater good?

As the Coronavirus pandemic became a fast-evolving crisis, we were told to retreat to our homes as life as we knew it ground to a standstill. Less people were commuting to work, traffic on the roads ceased and aeroplanes were grounded. But what has this meant for the environment?

Understanding the climate emergency: What is the climate crisis and how can we tackle it?

Recently, the terms ‘climate crisis’ and ‘climate emergency’ have entered the dialogue around environmental news, helping to communicate the urgency of the challenge that we face, what does it mean for us, and how can we all do our bit to help?

Justyn Branton:
Let’s Own Climate Change

The future does not have to be chaotic and destuctive. If we all work together, we can make a profound difference. To borrow a quote from Walter Payton: “We are stronger together than we are alone”.

Spotlight on…

Climate Wise supporter Manime is a fun range of animal themed children’s chairs designed to encourage independent dressing. Committed to being environmentally conscious, the range is crafted from fully sustainable bamboo.

This month we launched Noah and Brookie’s corner, a place for children of all ages to go to learn more about the environment. There you’ll find activities, videos, stories and more to help your little ones undertand how they can protect our environment.

What can you do to help?

Spread the word! The more people that realise that such a small donation can contribute to major change, the better. This is crowdfunding for the planet so please speak to people., share on social media and help be part of this movement for environmental change.

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