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Opinion piece by Stephen Castree – July 2020

What can I do?

Climate Change is daunting. We hear phrases like global warming and see some places getting cooler, we hear about greenhouse gases and aren’t really sure how it works, we hear about the Paris Accord and the United Nations work on television, but can’t quite put it together.

We do know that the scientists tell us that the planet is warming, we hear that it will cause famine, disease, increasing natural disasters, the death and extinction of a lot of species and possibly even threaten humanity. It is big and it is scary.

Every political party in every country has a plan, the people, you and I, we care. We want to make a change, but what can we do.

Well, we can start with ourselves. We recycle more than any generation before us, we can do carpooling, drink from reusable cups and not plastic, eat less meat (especially beef), select our clothes carefully and buy climate friendly food. We can try and reduce our number of flights. The choices we make can reduce the negative impact we have on our incredible planetary home. These are truly choices. Each person can make their own and they are entitled to their choice. The difference however is what comes next. Whatever happens we will still create some type of carbon footprint. This footprint makes a mess of our planet. Like walking in muddy shoes through your kitchen, the kitchen, which was clean, has a mark. What do you do next?

At Climate Wise, we work hard to both identify projects and create projects that do the opposite. What people put in, we try and take out of the atmosphere to re-create the balance that nature had in place.  For just £5 per month, or £1.25 a week, less than a cup of coffee, you can clean your footprint. We aggregate donations, select projects, monitor them and track the amount of difference you have made, and then report it all to you so you have the information and you know what a difference you have made.

If that is too much, or you want to do that and more, sharing the story makes a massive difference. Follow us on social media so we can raise awareness and improve education on a global basis – like, share, forward our page and tell all your friends.

If you want to do even more, consider becoming a Climate Wise Ambassador and working with us to raise even more funds. To find out more, contact us at

There are solutions at each level and for everyone. We truly can all contribute, and we can all make a difference.

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