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Our top 10 positive climate stories so far for 2023

It can be hard to stay positive during a climate crisis when most headlines focus on the dire state of the planet and future projections we are yet to endure. However, amongst the many headlines, there have been many success stories and articles that provide hope. It is important to ensure you do not become overwhelmed and focus on the positive climate stories too. As we reach the halfway mark for 2023, we’re sharing our favourite positive news stories that we have heard so far:

  1. A recent report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) states that plastic pollution could be cut by 80% by 2040. This will be achieved by major policy changes and changes in the way we produce, use, and dispose of plastics.
  2. Australia passed a radical law capping oil and gas emissions. These tough new laws require oil refineries and coal mines to cut their emissions by approximately 5% each year with the aim of preventing 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions in the following decade.
  3. Renewable energy is taking over as over half of Portugal’s electricity was produced by solar and wind in April. Fossil fuels only generated 24% of electricity.
  4. England announced that several single-use plastic items will soon be banned, including plastic cutlery and plates. Approximately 4.25 billion items of cutlery are used each year according to government estimates, but only 10% of these are recycled.
  5. April 2023 saw a 68% reduction in deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon compared to April 2022. This is because Brazil’s new president has taken over and focused on transforming Brazil into a ‘green superpower’.
  6. Austrians have adopted a new scheme to tackle electronic waste where the government covers half the cost of repairs for items such as laptops, dishwashers, and smartphones. So far, they have paid for more than half a million repairs.
  7. The UK coupled with the Netherlands plans to build the largest cross-border power line in Europe in an attempt to deliver clean energy to 1.8 million homes across Europe.
  8. The US has rolled out $350 million in funding by the US Department of Transportation to improve habitats and prevent collisions. State and local governments alongside indigenous groups will have access to the funding to support wildlife crossings and reduce traffic incidents.
  9. There was a revolutionary win at the UN in March as member states adopted a historic resolution on climate justice. The aim is to hold highly polluting countries responsible for inaction and failure to address the climate crisis. Over 130 UN member states voted for the resolution.
  10. The ozone is projected to heal by around 2045 over the Arctic, 2066 over the Antarctic, and 2040 for the rest of the world. The Montreal Protocol adopted in 1987 where countries pledge to phase out chemicals that deplete the ozone layer is paying off.

These are just a few of the good news stories we have read so far this year, with many more to follow as the year continues. There is still hope, we need to focus on moving in the right direction.

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