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Pablo the Lonely Polar Bear by Brookie Castree

Up In the Artic Circle Pablo the polar bear cub came out of his igloo from a long nights sleep. He awoke daddy polar bear who growled at him – daddy wanted his Sunday morning lie in. Pablo decided to go for a walk. His small foot prints followed him through the snow. The breeze brushed through his white fur coat as the sun shone from far far away. Pablo looked around and saw nothing but the snow and his fellow little polar bears. He looked up and saw a large white hill, he climbed and climbed once he reached the top he slid down with a large smile on his face. He stood up and saw his friend Sealia, the seal. He ran as fast as he could to get to her. Once he reached her they played and played until Sealia had to go home.
Pablo was going to leave but all of a sardine he saw a big boat full of a lot of people. He turned around fully and looked closer. Then he heard a large crack! Pablo turned around to go back to his igloo but he had started floating away from the shore. His iceberg had broken away from the land and he was drifting away by the second. Pablo yelled at the top of his lungs ‘Mummy! Daddy!’ but he was to far away from the shore. He started moving closer and closer to the large ship and was getting scared. He kept floating closer and closer and he started to hear things. He listened closer and heard people from the large boat screaming ‘polar bear polar bear.’ Pablo jumped in because he was really scared. He swam slowly back to shore.
Pablo was exhausted. He pulled himself up onto the cold ice shivering. He laid down from his long swim. He stayed there for about 5minutes they headed back to his parents. Once they saw him they ran and cuddled his for warmth. Once Pablo was warm he told them about all his adventures…and he had made it home safely………this time
The end

Because of climate change the ice caps and snow are melting in Antarctica and the Artic. The polar bears are struggling to survive because of the melting ice. You can help stop the ice caps from melting at a dangerous rate! You can start of by turning your lights of when you leave your house or your room. Second you can try and not buy as much fast fashion especially at this time. Thirdly you can try and walk or push bike to places and try not to use your car as much. Last but not least you can sign up for climate wise to help change the world one step at a time.

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