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Together we can make the change

Climate change, global warming, the end of the planet, demonstrations, marches, political lobbying, children taking time out of school. What is it all for? One thing is clear – our climate IS changing, the World’s temperature IS going up, species ARE dying. So what are we doing about it? There are many things we, as individuals, can improve upon in order to reduce our carbon footprint and offset our own lives. We can avoid single use plastics (except when we can’t); we can buy eco-friendly clothes (which were delivered by courier); we can walk or ride our bikes (except when it rains). There are innumerable things we can do to reduce our footprint and, the good news is, people are acting. Plastics are being shunned, less beef is being consumed, metal water bottles are being carried and refilled and bikes are being used but, the bad news is, it is not nearly enough. 

The carbon footprint of the average individual in the UK is 5.81 tonnes per year. It is considerably more in Canada and the US at 15.6 and 16.2 tonnes per year, respectively. This can definitely be reduced, but can we all truly offset ourselves by our actions? The resounding answer is no (unless you want to live naked in a cave and eat whatever you can forage on the land)! So, what are our options? Reducing our carbon footprint to half through lifestyle changes is a commendable start, but the only way to offset the remainder of our footprint is to carbon offset our lives. This means that as well as putting less carbon into the atmosphere, we need to take some out!

At Climate Wise, we recognise this limitation faced by individuals and we have created an organisation which is a community impact company to take you to the final step. At, offset the rest of your lifestyle, offset your household impact or even choose to be an offset hero and go one step further than simply being carbon neutral, you can be net negative. Net negative means you are taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than you put in, you are healing the planet and not hurting it anymore. This is being a true agent of change and, at Climate Wise, we can help you do that. By collecting resources from thousands of people and selecting the best investments and projects, we are able to use donor funds for meaningful change and the aggregation of the funds received will allow us to turn the corner and become net negative. 

With Climate Wise, together we can make the change.

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