I am pleased to offer my strong endorsement of Climate-Wise. Their dedication to environmental sustainability is exceptional. Their extensive services and knowledge in this field have significantly benefited our organisation. Climate-Wise has played a pivotal role in our journey toward greater sustainability, resulting in cost savings and a positive enhancement of our corporate image. Their… Continue reading EQTR Ltd

P3 Connect

Climate-Wise not only helped me and my company map our carbon footprint, but they also suggested actionable steps, steering us towards becoming carbon-positive. Every business, regardless of size, should monitor their carbon footprint. It isn’t just good for the environment, it’s a business imperative.

Desktop Ideas Ltd.

We started working with Climate-Wise around 18 months ago, they have been amazing and we now rely on them for advice on all things sustainable – products, footprint, etc – they are an expert / true partner.

Uniform Express Ltd

With Climate Wise’s expertise and skill within the industry they have helped propel our drive to become carbon neutral and assisted us in setting a goal to become net zero in the medium term.

Firebrand Promotions Ltd.

Climate Wise supports our long-term strategy of the company progressively reducing its carbon footprint and any offsetting the residual carbon emissions. With the guidance of Climate Wise, we have set achievable reduction targets and successfully hit them all.

Krypton Fund Services

Climate Wise’s expert support and guidance have helped us navigate sustainability challenges effortlessly, while the added service of offsetting employee carbon footprints has truly empowered our team to make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Royce Communications

Without your advice we would not be as advanced as we are on our journey or have been able to understand the many terms, ratios and calculations that finally lead us to achieving our Eco Vadis Global Silver Status. All credit and thanks to you all.

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