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Justyn Branton and Stephen Castree become Climate Reality Leaders

Last week, two of the Climate Wise team, Justyn Branton and Stephen Castree, completed the Climate Reality Project leadership course and are now officially Climate Reality Leaders for the Climate Reality Leadership Project.

The project, founded by former Vice President of the United States Al Gore, is a global network of climate leaders committed to spreading awareness of the climate crisis and working for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

On attending the course, Justyn Branton commented: “The Climate Reality Leadership Project training has re-enforced much of the knowledge I had gained from a series of other training courses surrounding climate change.

“The consolidation of information, the sharing of ideas and the building of a network through which we can communicate the Climate Wise mission will help us to take our organisation to the next level, as Climate Wise continues to work with businesses and schools to assist them in finding the best paths to assist with the green recovery.”

Stephen Castree added: “With two trained leaders of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps helping drive Climate Wise forward, our organisation is poised to become a significant player at an individual, community and business level, as collectively we work to tackle the climate emergency.

“With the United Nations and governments working together to attempt to curb the emissions level, Climate Wise is able to aggregate from the bottom up to both identify and support initiatives which can drive meaningful change at a more local level.”

The ongoing commitment of the Climate Wise leadership team to training evidences the team’s commitment to be a leading light in the fight against climate change and an organisation which is a leading custodian for the health of our home.

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