Chloé Castree


My name is Chloe, I am currently a student at Bedes, in the UK, completing my A levels in Geography, Business and Media Studies. I do other extra curricular activities and am heavily involved in the Legat dance programme offered by my school, as well as gym and swimming. I teach swimming during my school breaks at home in Bermuda and I am an editor and author of my school’s new humanities magazine. I have recently become further interested in climate change as I have been studying it in school and I hope to study a course in the field of Global Humanitarian studies. As a 16 year old growing up in a rapidly changing world, the climate crisis needs all of us to play our part to ensure that the planet is as much of a wonderful place to live for others as we have had the opportunity to experience. By being a Climate Wise Ambassador, I plan to do my bit to try and help make this change happen.

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