Holly Morris


I am an eighteen year old currently doing my A-levels in history, geography and classical studies at Hellenic Academy, in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am highly committed to my sports; showjumping and eventing and to my involvement in first-aid for school sport events. Next year I will be going to university in the UK, where I hope to further my studies in history and international relations.

Climate change has been a major issue I have investigated in my academics, however its devastating impacts only sunk in fairly recently. After successive years of drought, Zimbabwe suffered a hunger crisis, leaving over 16 million facing food insecurity, the country was then hit by Cyclone Idai in March 2019, which devastated the north eastern regions. The suffering caused by these natural disasters has motivated me to pursue a career in the humanitarian field.

Growing up in this country has allowed me to appreciate first hand the wildlife and natural resources which are being put at serious risk by the effects of climate change. I intend to play my part in ameliorating the crisis.

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