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ManiMe Graduate Tiger Chair

Beautifully crafted from sustainable bamboo, ManiMe is a stunning valet chair for children.

Providing style and functionality to any children’s zone the ManiMe has been carefully designed with the correct scale and dimensions to encourage children to independently dress themselves by preparing their clothes the evening prior under supervision.

Items can be taken directly from their wardrobe and placed onto the valet chair which has a three-tier hanging system and allocated spaces for socks, undergarments and shoes.

It’s so much more than just a chair…


The ManiMe chairs are available in two sizes, each with four fun choices of animal-inspired designs, a Monkey, Panda, Bear and Tiger.

The ManiMe Cub is a smaller, simpler design aimed at nursery and younger primary aged children. For those aged six years and above, the ManiMe Graduate is slightly larger and incorporates a hanging rail for trousers, skirts, shorts or skorts.


Tiger, Panda, Monkey, Bear

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