Calum Bruce


Calum was fortunate to be raised mostly in the Scottish Borders where any combination of forests, rivers, beaches, and hills were never too far away. Unsurprisingly this instilled a deep love of the outdoors and all the wonderful things it can show and teach us.

Calum has completed a BSc in Geography from the University of St Andrews and has an MSc in Emergency Planning & Management from Coventry University. This combination has provided a solid grounding in the science of climate change, the need for action, and the policies and measures that will be required for us to successfully mitigate and adapt over the coming decades.

A varied career so far has involved everything from practical conservation work to flood risk management with a brief detour via the world of freelance TV and film production. Throughout it all he has been unable to shake the feeling that he could, and should, be doing more to help address the climate challenge, which brings him to Climate Wise.

Favorite pastimes generally involve some combination of books, music, food, and good company. Failing those he is quite happy sitting on top of a hill looking at other hills.

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