Mischa Wykurz

Mischa Wykurz

Originally from London Mischa has always felt a deep connection to green spaces and the natural world. A sporty upbringing and being fortunate to spend childhood holidays in various mountainous environments inspired Mischa to follow a path in Outdoor Education and he now lives between the UK and the Alps.

Mischa has a BSc from Bangor University and is a multi-qualified instructor in activities ranging from windsurfing and sailing to mountaineering and skiing. As an impassioned educator he has had the privilege of sharing many wonderful environments of the world with others through working in schools, instructing, and leading expeditions within Europe, Africa and Asia.

Believing strongly in the importance of spending time near wildlife and natural spaces Mischa wishes to continue to empower others to enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. Understanding that if we learn to love the natural world and appreciate our place within it, we will be able to more effectively protect it and ensure it is there for future generations to enjoy too.

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