Stephen Saffin


Stephen is Zimbabwean born of British extraction, now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied law at the University of Cape Town, graduating in 1999, leaving to work in London for a year before returning to his native Zimbabwe to take up a position in a law firm where he was thrust into the midst of the nightmare of the land invasions in that country and all of the challenges that wrought on the legal system there. He enjoyed a measure of success but considered that greater opportunities lay elsewhere and joined a land mine clearance company in 2002, which took him all over the Middle East, including periods living in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Breaking away from the group to join a start-up as one of the founding managers, Stephen was part of the team that developed a company from start up to becoming the leading provider of Mine Action services to the UN in the space of 7 years, a company which continues to be one of the biggest mine action players in the world. Stephen was responsible for a host of activities within the company which saw him on an aircraft and going to the most far-flung places on the globe routinely.

He continues in his role as Chief Operating Officer for this company, but is passionate about both the environment and the future of his home continent, Africa, and all those who inhabit it, both two-legged and four.

Stephen brings an unmatched knowledge of running and delivering complex projects in the most challenging of environments, with over a decade traveling and living across the African continent in particular.

Stephen enjoys competing in multi-day stage events and has completed numerous extreme events in both desert and arctic conditions.

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