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The Sustainable Development Goals Explained

What are the SDGs?
We often here about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but do you know why they are so important? Let’s start with where they came from. The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2015 by the United Nations as a universal call to action targeted at ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. The SDGs replaced the Millennium Development Goals which expired in 2015. The idea of the SDGs was formed at the Rio+20 conference in Brazil in 2012. The goals were then drafted by a working group formed of representatives from 70 countries. Simultaneously, the United Nations held public consultations globally and an online survey allowing people to discuss their priorities for the goals. The goals were then adopted at a conference in New York in 2015 by 193 countries.

There are 17 SDGs in total with 169 targets. All the goals are integrated based on an understanding that action in one area affects outcomes in others, and that sustainable development must balance economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Member states have committed to prioritising those who are furthest behind. The goals intend to end hunger, poverty, discrimination against women and girls, and AIDS. Achieving the goals in every context requires financial resources, creativity, and technology from all members of society.

Why do we need SDGs?
The world we live in is increasingly complex. We have witnessed unprecedented economic and technological growth in recent years and made substantial progress on several key developmental issues. However, there are major issues in the current development, causing numerous environmental and social issues which increasingly threaten our way of life and hinder the future for all of us. We are facing a climate emergency, more than 800 million people are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, the impacts could also cost US$1 trillion in the next five years. As the climate continues to change, sea levels continue to rise at the fastest rate in 3,000 years and we continue to experience record breaking weather.

Our natural planet in in trouble, global wildlife populations have experienced a decline of 60% over the past 40 years, meanwhile 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans each year. As our planet suffers, people are being left behind. Over 700 million people live in extreme poverty with less than USD $2 a day with 9.9% of the global population malnourished in 2021. The SDGs are a framework to tackle these challenges and ensure that no one is suffering by 2030.

SDGs and Climate Wise
At Climate Wise, we ensure that all our projects align with the sustainable development goals to achieve a better planet for everyone. We understand the importance of interlinking climate justice and social justice to achieve a sustainable future. Therefore, our projects are not only focused on carbon reduction, but also ensure that a better lifestyle is provided to those in vulnerable communities. As the SDGs highlight, actions have many affects, so an integrated approach is best to create a balanced society and planet. By supporting several charities, intergovernmental organisations, and not-for-profit organisations, we ensure that the donations we receive have the greatest impact.

Our Improved Cookstoves Project in Qori Q’oncha, Peru provides improved cookstoves to local communities, preventing them from using polluting three stone stoves which are bad for their health and the planet. By doing so, this project is aligned with the following SDGs: 3. Good Health, 13. Climate Action, and 15. Life on Land. Our Cleaner Safer Water Project in Cambodia distributes ceramic water filters to reduce cases of untreated water and poor sanitation while shifting people away from using wood or charcoal. This project is aligned with the SDGs: 3. Good Health, 6. Clean Water, 8. Work + Economic Growth, 13. Climate Action, and 15. Life on Land.

The SDGs provide the blueprint for humanity to sustain a better planet and future for us all. If we all do our bit to strive to achieve them, we will develop a sustainable world. If you want to get involved in our projects, find out more here:

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