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Welcome to the Climate Wise App!

We are beyond excited that our first app has officially launched! We want our donors to get the most out of their climate-positive journey with us. In this short blog, we’ll explain how the app helps you to become Climate Wise.

If you are offsetting your carbon footprint with us, use the email address you receive reports from to log in. Once you’ve logged into the app, you’ll see a page displaying your impact so far where you can track your carbon offset journey. Discover how many months you’ve been climate positive, how many tonnes you’ve reduced, and the equivalent number of trees you’ve planted.

Head over to our main menu and you’ll see Climate Action Checklist is next on the list. Our Climate Action Checklist has six different sections where you can check off different actions. As you check items off, the percentage of each list will change indicating the impact you have made.








Check out Projects You Support, scroll across the globe and learn more about our global climate projects and the difference you are making to multiple communities.

Haven’t offset your carbon footprint with us? Fear not, click Offset in the menu and select which option suits you best. Once you’ve started your journey with us, you’ll be able to follow it on the track page.

Looking to make more of a difference? Find out how big your footprint is by following the link to an online calculator. Get others involved in climate action by purchasing a climate gift and offsetting their carbon footprint.

Let us know what you think and share your thoughts by emailing us at or using #ClimateWiseHero.

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