Lifecycle of plastics

The mark plastic is leaving on the planet is becoming clearer and clearer – we see it almost everywhere. Images across social media displaying the impact of plastic leave us with the reality that plastic is the least environmentally safe material. Many campaigns are raising awareness of the plastic crisis and the detrimental effects of… Continue reading Lifecycle of plastics

Earth Overshoot Day: Power of Possibility

Earth Overshoot Day signifies the day in the year when humanity’s demand for ecological services and resources exceeds what the Earth can generate in that year. This deficit is maintained as we continue to release vast volumes of carbon into the atmosphere and exploit the Earth’s resources. Earth Overshoot Day is calculated by assessing the… Continue reading Earth Overshoot Day: Power of Possibility

Why biodiversity matters when addressing climate change

Biodiversity loss and climate change are the most critical global threats facing humans. Coordinated climate action is fundamental to avoiding detrimental impacts on the environment and the numerous services and benefits within it that we rely on. There are many interconnections between climate change and biodiversity, demanding that we consider the importance of biodiversity in… Continue reading Why biodiversity matters when addressing climate change

Climate change: what is happening on the planet today?

We are all aware of the impending devastating effects of climate change, however, many are already suffering from severe consequences. The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, and we are not prepared. There is no more time to sound the alarm, climate change is here. We are dealing with a climate emergency, yet those… Continue reading Climate change: what is happening on the planet today?

What can you do to celebrate Earth Day?

What is Earth Day? Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd by over a billion people to protect the planet from harmful activities such as deforestation and pollution. It is to raise awareness of the adverse effects we’re having on the planet and to focus on creating a healthier and happier place to… Continue reading What can you do to celebrate Earth Day?

The Sustainable Development Goals Explained

What are the SDGs? We often here about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but do you know why they are so important? Let’s start with where they came from. The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2015 by the United Nations as a universal call to action targeted at ending poverty, protecting the planet, and… Continue reading The Sustainable Development Goals Explained

The Invisible Business Carbon Footprint

Climate change is not going away, so we need to look further into our carbon footprint to manage our carbon usage and reduce our impact on the planet. The severity of the climate crisis is increasing, demanding that we improve our understanding of the carbon implications of everyday actions. When we think of carbon footprints,… Continue reading The Invisible Business Carbon Footprint

Guide to Recycling Symbols

Do you know what recycling symbols mean? A recent study discovered that 61% of adults in the UK do not understand the eight key recycling symbols that appear on thousands of supermarket items. Even more concerning is that a quarter of people do not understand the classic tidy man symbol of a figure putting litter… Continue reading Guide to Recycling Symbols

Why Buy Fairtrade Products?

How is climate change affecting farmers? Climate change is negatively affecting rural communities and small-scale farmers. Those in rural areas in developing counties are most vulnerable to climate change. This includes small-scale farmers and their surrounding communities, many of which we are reliant on to grow our food. The changes to the climate are helping… Continue reading Why Buy Fairtrade Products?

The Anthropocene: Are we Entering a new Epoch?

What is the Anthropocene? Have human beings caused permanent changes to the planet? This question has sparked discussions between environmental advocates and geologists regarding what to call the current period we live in. Officially, according to the International Union of Geological Sciences, we are in the Holocene epoch and have been for the past 11,700… Continue reading The Anthropocene: Are we Entering a new Epoch?

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