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Santa’s Stuck!

It was a cold Christmas eve in Somerset, England. The young boys and girls were all getting excited for Santa to come that night but little did they know Santa wasn’t coming how he normally would ….. by sleigh. 


Brinkley and Celeb rushed up to their bedroom and changed as fast as lightning. Once they got downstairs they saw little white dots slowly floating down from the sky, it was snowing!


“Snow!” Celeb shouted. Celeb was 6 and Brinkley was 4.


Shortly after Brinkley shouted joyfully “It’s snowing mummy. It’s snowing daddy!”


“Hey, I said that first,” said Celeb with a glum expression on his face.

“I’m sure you both said it. Now come here and let’s read a Christmas story.” Mummy said calmly.

“Twas the night before Christmas….”


Meanwhile up at the North Pole, Santa was getting his sleigh ready to travel the world as he does once a year every year.  He looked up, took a whiff of his pipe and looked back at his head elf. Her name was Lucy.


“Is everything set and ready to go Lucy?” Santa yelled to Lucy

“Yes, Mr. Claus I believe so,” Lucy said quickly.

“Ho, Ho, Ho” Santa chuckled. “Please call me Santa,” Santa said.

“Yes, s-s-Santa?” Lucy mumbled.


“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight” Mummy finished 

“Please can we read another one?” Celeb asked 

“Ya pwease” Brinkley added

“Now, now it’s time to go to bed guys,” Mummy told them

“Awwww” Celeb and Lucy said with droopy faces 

“Come on now Upstairs you two” Mummy explained


Brinkley ran first and Celeb shortly after. Mummy and Daddy followed one step behind. Once both were tucked in bed Daddy said.


“Santa’s coming tonight so make sure you are asleep. We love you.” Daddy told both of them

“I love you,” Celeb said.

“We love you,” Brinkley added.


Again, in the north pole, Santa had just finished loading his sleigh. 

“I’m all set let’s get rolling,” Santa told the elves

“Come Dasher. Come Dancer. Come Prancer. Come Vixen. Come Comet. Come Cupid. Come Doner. Come Blitzen and come Rudolf!” Santa shouted. 

The Reindeer started to gallop faster and faster and faster.

“STOPPPP” Santa shouted!

They stopped pushing snow to the side as their front legs flung forward.  You might be asking why did he have to stop his reindeer? Santa had just realized that his runway was no longer long enough for them to take off. The runway had melted! He needed to find another way. But how!?


Santa hopped out of his sleigh and thought what else he could use to get across the world in less than 24 hours! Think. Think. Ah that’s right what takes up 70% of the earth. The ocean!


“Elves come here all of you” Santa told them. “You have to build a ship, a very large ship. My runway has melted and I’ve come up with this way instead so we can get around the world just before all the children wake up.”


“Yes Santa” All the elves chimed 

“How long do you think this will take Lucy” Santa asked

“Around 1 hour” Lucy replied

“Perfect! Call me once you’re done ’m going to go and get some hot coco” Santa explained


Santa started walking back to his home joyfully knowing that everything will be ok and that he will be able to give the children’s presents out.

“Now elves we have 1 hour let’s do this!” Lucy shouted to the elves 

30 minutes later the elves were practically finished; they just needed to add all the decorations and the presents!

“Mr. Claus! I-I mean Santa! Your ship is ready to go!”

Santa emerged from his home in his suit with hot coco all over himself!

“Ready” Santa said 

“Ready” all the elves said 


Santa walked onto his ship and set said. It was a better ship than he had imagined it would be. He sped around the world making it just before the break of dawn everywhere. Christmas was saved.


Brooke Castree


Climate change is all around us and we can tell it is happening is many ways. At the North Pole the Ice Caps are melting and 6.4 trillion metric tonnes of ice melted between 1992 and 2017 the sea will rise by over half a metre and imagine what that will do to all the people who live near it! Help us save the planet and donate today.

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