Katrine Nair

Katrine is the Head of Operations and Communications for Climate Wise, leveraging her background in the environment with a BSc in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Kent. During her degree, she conducted research on otter populations in India, honing her research skills. Before joining Climate Wise, Katrine worked as an academic editor specializing in… Continue reading Katrine Nair

Chloé Castree

My name is Chloe, I’m currently studying at the University of Reading in the Environmental Management and Sustainability course after taking a gap year after my A levels. I took my year out to explore more of the world and what it has to offer. I volunteered in Guatemala for 3 months at the beginning… Continue reading Chloé Castree

Paulina Prasad

Paulina has always been passionate about environmental protection and the human rights implications that are intertwined with climate change. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University in International Relations, and currently works as a climate consultant for USAID funded projects. Though a US national, Paulina is currently based in Quito, Ecuador. In her… Continue reading Paulina Prasad

Don Kincaid

Don lives in Fernhill Heath – Worcester. England. He is Managing Director of Compliant Quality Audits Ltd, an International Standards Organisation (ISO) auditing and mentoring businesses in a number of ISO, GDPR and Cyber Essential Standards. Over the course of his career Don has held roles in various companies and industries in Azerbaijan, Dubai, USA… Continue reading Don Kincaid

Mischa Wykurz

Originally from London Mischa has always felt a deep connection to green spaces and the natural world. A sporty upbringing and being fortunate to spend childhood holidays in various mountainous environments inspired Mischa to follow a path in Outdoor Education and he now lives between the UK and the Alps. Mischa has a BSc from… Continue reading Mischa Wykurz

Calum Bruce

Calum was fortunate to be raised mostly in the Scottish Borders where any combination of forests, rivers, beaches, and hills were never too far away. Unsurprisingly this instilled a deep love of the outdoors and all the wonderful things it can show and teach us. Calum has completed a BSc in Geography from the University… Continue reading Calum Bruce

Jonathan Burt

Jonathan’s interest in the natural environment was sparked as a young child, spending hours in nature reserves with his father helping out any way he could but mainly looking under rocks and logs for the next insect or amphibian. At the age of 18 he spent a month in the Seychelles monitoring the health of… Continue reading Jonathan Burt

Georgina Ellis

Lucky enough to have been born and raised in Cornwall, UK, Georgina has always been aware of the beauty and significance of the natural environment. Be it on the beach, in the woods or out and about exploring generally, getting soaked in the driving rain and buffeted by howling winds, she loves it! Keen to… Continue reading Georgina Ellis

Morgane Arriola

Morgane has been environmentally-conscious since she can remember, growing up by the ocean in Redondo Beach, California. She first started thinking about climate change after watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth with her mother. However, it wasn’t until she moved to the Pacific Northwest U.S. for university that she began to learn about climate science… Continue reading Morgane Arriola

Dr. Danielle Marr

Dr. Danielle Marr has a background in healthcare, graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Canada in 2010. She attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she studied Kinesiology in the honours program. Dr. Marr furthered her education by obtaining her certificate in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University as well as becoming a Professional… Continue reading Dr. Danielle Marr

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